The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) reported the results of the project “Design and Implementation of an Integrated System for Electronic Exchange of Documents and Data for Payment of Benefits from the State Social Security”. The project closed successfully in the contracted with the Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity” (OPAC) one year period within the deadline – 15.08.2015.

At the final conference, held on 21st July, among the official guests were members of the Supervisory Board of the Institute, representatives of state institutions and software companies.

The contractor of the project “Kontrax” AD presented the stages of the development of the internet platform for secure electronic exchange of data and documents between NSSI and employers and self-employed.

It was pointed out that the newly developed software was built on the existing business processes, thus providing a new opportunity for the electronic administrative service of payment the benefits in accordance with the legal requirements. The new system will shorten the deadlines for filing and processing of data and will reduce the number of possible errors in completing the documentation. It will also shorten the time for the payment of benefits to the employees.

With the integration of ISEODD, the start of the realization of the second stage of the full computerization of data exchange between the participants in the process (submission of data and documents for payment of benefits by employers and self-employed) was launched. It must start from January 1st 2016.

With this project NSSI meets one of the main priorities of OPAC – creating conditions for effective implementation of complex administrative services by ensuring interoperability of key registers in public administration.

Detailed project information is published on the website of the institute (

The project is financed by the Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity” of the European Union and co-financed through the European Social Fund.


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