The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) was the host of delegations from two European social security institutions.

Within the framework of the official visit, the experts from the NSSI met with their colleagues from the Institute of National Social Security (INSS) of the Kingdom of Spain. During the working meetings, the parameters of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the two organizations were discussed. In addition to the declared readiness for interaction at the expert and institutional level, and includes a number of aspects of the electronic exchange of social security data. It is envisaged through the key elements for the sector – communication, coordination and digitization, experts from both countries to upgrade mechanisms for more effective exchange for achieving faster and easier access to social security services for persons residing in both countries.

The visit of experts from the National Office of Social Insurance (NOSI) of Moldova was also related to high technologies. During the talks, the high degree of electronisation of services in the two institutions and the accompanying digitalization of the various labour-legal documents were touched upon. The guests were presented with the successful unification of all public registers and providing citizens with a single portal and mobile application with access through identification supported by their mobile operators. The NSSI experts shared their expertise in relation to the application of European legislation in the context of Moldova’s efforts to meet all the conditions for joining the European Union.

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